Kids ROCK, Inc.

14466 N. 169 Highway


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Smithville Kids ROCK
Mission Statement:

“Kids ROCK” is a Non-Profit organization that seeks to connect the community with our children. Our Mission is to promote the philosophy that it takes a community to raise a child. Our goal is to involve the community in being a financial as well as an inspirational resource for recognizing our children. “Kids ROCK” will organize fundraisers in the community and promote local business support. We will work directly with the schools to identify children that have financial and personal needs as well as the children that deserve extra rewards for good work and good deeds. “Kids ROCK” strives to be a positive name that is recognized as an organization that is all about kids. The word “ROCK” in Kid ROCK stands for Recognizing Our Community Kids.

Kids ROCK (Recognizing Our Community Kids)

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